Right to request a regular work pattern

Courtesy of Steve Maguire, Creideasach Employment Law Specialists:

The Government has provided its backing to give workers a right to request a more predictable work pattern.


The Government has supported Blackpool South MP Scott Benton’s Worker (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Bill.


This Bill will enable all workers and employees, including agency workers, to make a formal application to make their working pattern more predictable.


Whilst the Bill is subject to parliamentary approval, all workers and employees will be able to make a formal application after they have worked for their employer for a set period of time. Such a period will be set out in regulations but is thought to be 26 weeks, albeit that the worker will not need to have worked continuously during this period.


Employers will have the option to refuse a request on specific grounds such as: the burden of additional costs to make changes or their being insufficient work at the times proposed by the worker. Workers will be able to make up to 2 requests a year.